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About Us

Apogee Group International (AGI) was established with a clear vision: to set the standard in supporting government procurement and contracting processes. We’re steadfastly committed to exceeding the expectations set by our clients, ensuring that our results consistently reflect the highest quality standards.

Our forte lies in our deep understanding of the intricate workings of government contracts across diverse sectors, coupled with our adeptness in supporting subcontractors as prime contractors. As a company proudly owned and operated by veterans of the Special Operations Forces (SOF), we bring invaluable insights into the complexities of government processes, particularly within the realm of the Department of Defense (DOD), drawing from our firsthand experiences in similar roles.

Grounded in the core values of integrity, transparency, and efficiency, we are dedicated to delivering significant value to both government entities and our private sector partners alike. With a team seasoned in experience, we possess a keen understanding of the distinct challenges and opportunities within this domain. At AGI, we don’t just see ourselves as contractors; we see ourselves as committed partners, united in the pursuit of shared objectives.

Apogee Group International